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10571) Katherine Brown 
New York
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Jueves, 21 Octubre 2021 16:00 Host:

Hello! My name is Katherine, What a MIRACLE!!! My poor credit score that has kept me restless for months was eventually fixed by this credit specialist/life saver a week before being kicked out from my apartment. I had loads of inquiries, late payments, eviction, court judgment, card debts and low FICO score of 471, all attempts to secure a new apartment had been unsuccessful. I really feel happy and grateful to METRONET and his team as they did not only delete the eviction case and court judgment I had, but also turned my late payments to on-time payments and increased my FICO score to 792, which finally influenced the approval for a new apartment lease. For any kind of credit fix; I’d advise you go for the best by reaching them via METRONETCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM /205 518 3032.
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